Our Mission

To prevent and relieve suffering and promote quality of  life through patient-centered and family inclusive care, education, and advocacy delivered with compassion and thoughtful consideration of each individual’s beliefs and values.  

Our Vision

All patients have their suffering relieved while promoting dignity and quality of life that allows for both patients and family members.  

Our Values


We value others by expecting and accepting individuality.  We actively listen, inquire and learn from our parents, families and colleagues while being courteous and kind in all interactions  


We look for ways to improve access to care and services, and foster continual learning while nurturing the spirit of inquiry in ourselves and others as we embrace the opportunity to challenge assumptions and seek creative solutions


We support each other through open communication and collaboration in order to achieve our goals and meet the needs of our patients and families.  Our individual strengths and skills expand when we utilize them for a collective purpose 


We strive for quality in all we do. To fulfill our mission, we advocate “do the right thing” and encourage innovation and accountability while we create the highest value for those we serve